Custom Foot Orthotics

Walking on TreadmillMaybe, like the average American, you walk about 10-12 miles a week. Maybe you hit your 10,000 step goal, which makes about 50 miles per week.  Either way, that's a lot of steps.  Custom orthotics can make each of these steps more comfortable. 

 Did you know that your foot actually has 3 arches?  The medial arch is the one most people think of.  This is the arch that runs from the base of your big toe to your heel.  There is also a lateral arch running from the base of your little toe to your heel.  Finally, the anterior transverse arch runs along the base of all your toes, from your big toe to the little toe.  We offer custom orthotics, measured to fit and support each of your  three arches. 

Supporting the arches can help align your body from the bottom up,  providing you with a more balanced foundation.  This evenly distributes the stresses of walking, running, and even standing, lessening the impact to each individual part.  Even distribution of your body's weight can make movement more comfortable, whether while running a marathon or walking around the house.

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